Full Stack Developer, AI Prompt Specialist, AI integration, PHP / MySQL, high performance coding, Machine Learning tech

Digital Resume:

Full Stack Developer with 20+ years experience, PHP / MySQL, high performance coding (platforms, marketplaces, various AI tech, business software, text processing, statistics, REST API's etc)

Freelancer, remote, part time etc.

Hi, my name is Emil and this is my digital resume for freelance AI prompt and professional coding work. Contact details are at the bottom of this page. Below is a description of my experience and other needed details.

Experience: I have more than 2 decades of experience in advanced coding. I have been working as a full stack developer all this time, but have also managed teams. Been in CEO and CTO roles depending on the case. Developed many projects large and small, for more information see below.

Architecture: I am an experienced Software Solutions Architect ready to assist with your projects.

Tech stack: PHP, performance MySQL (All flavors of it; including MariaDB and Percona Server for MySQL), MS SQL; Frontend stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ Ajax, JQuery etc). Can adapt quick to any CMS or framework if needed. Caching servers, Memcached, Redis, async processing etc. Web hybrid apps / bootstrap / responsive design if needed.

Secondary stack / various other technologies: Anything VBA - for MS Word/Excel/Access; VB; C++ (libs mostly), C#, file-based databases etc. Can build desktop applications as well; including client-server apps and distributed solutions. Can work with AWS or any other cloud solution that offers an API.

AI work: I am also interested in any AI prompt work where my skills would be put of great use for you; given my tech + business background; and I can also combine AI prompt work with AI coding / model integration, by embedding various Machine Learning models in your software systems as desired.

Completed past projects: A full blown ERP system (uses PHP / MySQL / Memcached); Call center application ( VB / C# / C++ / MS SQL); also a complete high-performance CMS and framework (private source), various online startups, larger or smaller. (Quick live example: VisitorGrid , startup in beta stage ).

Over the years, I also have put a lot of work and personal research in: Performance optimization, design of distributed apps, cloud solutions, search engines and bots, text processing software, various tools, libraries etc. I write code in a fast and reliable manner; and can even bring existing code solutions I've built over the years, for fast completion of your desired software project. Furthermore I can implement AI wherever needed and even bring more developers to assist should this ever be needed.

Sysadmin experience: Windows Server, Linux (Ubuntu / Debian). Can install and manage your machines if / as needed, which is also great to have, including dedicated servers, VPS, distributed cloud solutions, balancers, failover structure, replication / master - slave database replication configuration, email, configuring dedicated DNS servers and much more.

Other skills (important): Comprehensive business understanding ( management / marketing / financials / projects / business plans) as I have managed several different businesses in the past (CEO, CTO etc) including a software development company. I'm also a professional level marketer (SEO/ PPC including Adwords and FB); while I am not seeking a marketer position, this can help in AI prompt work but also with providing better solutions for you due to this level of experience and marketing knowledge.

Personality / Age / Personal info : 54 years old, highly active, lots of energy. Also I am the friendly type, careful with details, well organized, quick to enter in action, short talk and get things done. Will be collaborating well with any existing teams, as needed. I prefer to always deliver no matter what and to make a difference through my work.

AI work experience: I am an experienced ChatGPT prompt specialist for anything in: Coding, business, marketing, management, plans, projects etc. Willing to offer free testing of my skills in this line as needed. I can also write the API software and integrate various models, which is an important asset to bring along with experience in ChatGPT prompts work.

What I can build for you: Custom web apps; platforms; AI tech; API systems; auction sites; e-commerce websites; marketplaces; payment integration etc; ERP / CRM / business apps (a lot of history in this; can show you significant completed tech) automation, AI integration for various models etc.

Availability: If you can read this resume then it means I am available, so please get in touch now, via the details at the bottom of the page.

Working hours: I can work anytime during both US business hours and EU business hours.

Types of clients: I have previously collaborated with clients from US (mostly) but also from various countries like Austria, Belgium, Netherlands etc. I also have experience in working as a contractor for larger corporations as well (hundreds, or thousands of employees).

Foreign Languages: Very good, super fluent English (speaking/writing/understanding), with good accent and pronunciation. I can also do just a bit of French and Italian (secondary languages).

Location: I currently live in Romania (Bucharest), EU. Can travel and meet you in any other EU country, or UK where I lived for a few years, should this ever be necessary, or I can welcome you here where I have been visited by many clients in the past. Side note, Romania is a prime source of highly experienced coders, so I might be able to get external talent involved should this ever be necessary.

Portfolio and experience: Will be presented and discussed in detail with you, before starting work; during a video meeting. Most of my work is private source / private label etc, therefore I cannot provide public links, but I have plenty of stuff to show to you.

Side skills that might be handy: I am also a domain investor, and can properly advise you about domains and branding for your tech startup, or a broker buy task.

Payment: I do not require any upfront payment. Typically, with previous clients, projects were split in stages and I would only receive payment if the client is absolutely happy about what I have delivered. In this way you are 100% safe, try before you pay anything.

Rates: Entirely negotiable depending on project type, length and other factors; or we can negotiate a per-project fixed fee depending on project specification. Ballpark range: $40...$70 per hour, depending on the factors involved. Or, we can agree instead on a per-project fixed price. Note, don't worry as we can work out a suitable rate for you.

Contact me anytime, via:



Skype: emil.emm

We can also definitely discuss on phone, I will provide the number or call you. (Not making the number public, in order to to avoid spam phone calls). Or on Signal, WhatsApp etc as desired. Looking forward to meet up and discuss with you.

Thanks for reading!


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