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Welcome to our new software center! Our website is a collection of useful things,like software utilities, particularly windows utilities. All our currently listed programs are full freeware that we offer to our visitors, not limited in any way - all non-expiring software products.To view more information about our software and choose one for download, please visit our software section in the right hand blue menu.

Please note that most of our programs require a one-time activation, but this is easy to do and you only need to do it once. To activate a program, you need to go to that program`s page and click on the red "Activate this program" link, in the center-right of the page.

What software downloads can I find here?
Mostly windows utilities - we love utilities and its one of the good things we do. Many visitorshave expressed their gratitude for getting useful software and not having to pay for it. Thisencourages us to launch more software in the future as well.

Our partners: One partner website is We have other new projects about to be launched, in various niches, one of them in the personal development field, to help you find your success formula and see your dreams come true. If you are curious about all these quite different projects, take a look.

Suggestions, new program features, wanted site features
We welcome any suggestions, and comments, whether they refer to new features requested, bugs,and such communications. We must apologize that due to very limited time at our disposal,we are not able to respond to ail mails, but we are trying to respond to them as much as possible.

  Our Free software:

  • Bandwidth Monitor
  • CD Tray Pal
  • Disk Check
  • EZ Encryption Tool
  • EZMem Optimizer
  • FlexInfo Pro
  • HTML Tag Remover
  • Port Blocker
  • Register Dll Tool
  • Win Startup Manager

    Discontinued programs:
    - SaveMyWork
    - Time Synchronizer
    - Logical5

    Activation Help

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    Please note that there is no user support for any of our freeware software products.
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