Time Synchronizer Help - Options

Here is an breakdown of this program's Options:

  • Server: Allows selecting the current NTP server to use. A recommendation is to use a server as close as possible to your location, to avoid potential delays.
  • Use IP address if available: NTP servers can be defined as host names (example: 'time.nist.gov') or IP addresses (example ''). If your chosen NTP server has an specific IP address attached then it is always better to use the IP instead of the host name. This is because querying a hostname goes in two steps, first is to identify the IP address and then connecting to that IP address, so it makes more sense to use the IP directly. Also, using the IP address is not just faster, but much more reliable synchronization as an overall.
  • Offset adjustment In some rare cases, our users required an up to one-hour offset to be available through the program. You can set an offset of up to +/- 60 minutes through the interface. In most cases this is not needed so you should better leave it as 0 (default).
  • Automatic synchronization: Allows the user to configure an update time interval for automatic time synchronization (in minutes). For the most accurate time, you can configure this to 5 minutes or even 1 minute.
  • Autorun at startup: The program will automatically run at computer startup.

More buttons:

  • Edit server list: Allows the user to edit and add their own NTP server to the list. It is generally recommended to use an NTP server as close as possible to your location. So if you are in Europe, search on Google and use some European NTP servers closest to your location.

    You can edit the text file directly in Notepad or open the file separately with another text editor (it is available in the program installation folder under Program Files folder.

    The format used in the file is: || , separated by the pipe character ( | ). A single server will be placed per line in the file.
  • Reload server list: Once you have finished editing the NTP server list in Notepad, save the file and then reload server list. You will have to select a new NTP server. Check and Synchronize to make sure it works, then you can also enable automatic time synchronization if you want.
  • Date and Time: This will simply open the Windows' Date and Time settings. This feature has been added for user convenience.

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