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Emsa Time Synchronizer is an NTP Client for Windows. It provides automatic computer clock synchronization, by connecting to an Internet Time Server also known as a NTP server.

The program is useful in various different circumstances. Automatic time update might not function properly on all computers. Sometimes there might even be hardware related issues that require computer clock synchronization by using such a tool. For example, a PC with a defective internal clock will be rendered almost unusable due to the problem because its internal time/clock derails after a while. Our program fixes this by maintaining automatic time synchronization and therefore this PC will be fully usable. A list of various servers is provided, but users can add/use their own as desired.

Once launched, the program appears as a system tray toolbar icon in the bottom right of your screen. Clicking on the icon will activate the interface. Closing the interface will not stop the program but minimize it to the icon again. To close the program completely, close the interface first then right click the system tray icon and choose 'Exit'.

The program has two main buttons and several other options. The 'Check button' will verify your local time and let you know if your PC time matches local time to the second. The 'Synchronize' button will sync your local time with the NTP server/internet time server.

The synchronization process has a retry feature so if the connection fails a retry will be performed, this greatly improves time sync reliability. If the time sync process fails for any reason even at retry (for example if internet connection is broken), it will simply re-synchronize again at the next time update poll as set by the 'Automatic synchronization' setting.
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