Emsa DiskCheck won't read my CD or DVD

Please note that not all disks can be checked with this program.

Our DiskCheck product is mainly intended for checking non-protected data disks. It was designed primarily for verifying your own burned CD and DVD data archive.

It can also be used for read benchmarking. Aging disks tend to benchmark lower, therefore that's an indication you might have to refresh your CD copy. Same is valid for benchmarking HDD's or other data drives. It always reads in data mode only (not as video or audio). Please note that it does not scan blank disks, or areas where data has not been written to yet.

The problem is that most retail CD/DVDs have embedded copy protection techniques and their write patterns are completely altered. The behavior in such cases is that the program either generates a lot of errors, or just stops immediately from scanning. If this happens, you are simply trying to scan an incompatible disk.

This being said, unprotected data disks like a printer drivers disk, freeware magazine disks, or the disks you create yourself at home will always be scanned just fine.

Some other commercial audio/video CD/DVD's might be read as well, with the note that they will be scanned as data files and not in audio or video read mode.

Otherwise, most audio CD's and video CD's and DVDs (copy protected), game disks and disks not designed to run on a PC will NOT be scanned by this product. The embedded copy prevention techniques used alter the data area and write patterns and render them unreadable by common software tools and sometimes even for your PC CD/DVD unit.

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