Emsa Disk Check Features

Features and Characteristics:
Emsa DiskCheck has the following main features and characteristics:

  • useful to quickly and fully scan removable disks like CD, DVD for surface defects like disk scratch problems, bad CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW writes, etc.
  • checks DVD, CD, HDD, SSD, SSHD, USB sticks, SD card, and even old floppy disks (if still available)
  • useful for benchmarking drives like CD, DVD, HDD or any other storage type
  • shows which files are "locked" by the operating system
  • useful and simple speed comparison (shows the 'X' multiplier speed comparison with CDs and DVDs "X" speed factor)
  • scans/reads a disk fully until completion or user stop, at the maximal speed available for this particular computer
  • reports progress, statistics (files, folders, time elapsed, estimated time remaining)
  • reports any errors encountered (error count and log entry for each)
  • Runs on any Windows version including older ones like Windows XP and even on slower hardware.

Tip: When benchmarking DVD/CD, you may want to try reinserting a disk and performing more than one check, for more accurate results of benchmarking, as different reads of same disk may be performed at different speeds by the same drive. If it goes really slow and multiple disk accesses are made (drive is noisy), often trying again gives you a much better, continuous read.

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