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Emsa Disk Check is a dual-purpose utility, performing disk check and benchmark operations. It scans/reads the entire data contents of a disk (CD, DVD, and even HDD, SD and USB stick) and shows any read errors that might occur. It also shows drive speed information and progress statistics. It was designed with simplicity in mind (one-click-use), but usefulness for the user.
What it does
You can use it to do a full check of the surface of any CD or DVD. For example if you have just scratched a disk and want to see if it is still readable, or if you want to check all your DVD library for time or usage related faults. DVDs and CDs degrade with time; and therefore you definitely need to scan your library after a while. You can also use this tool for drive benchmarking, as the program shows read speed and progress. It also shows the CD/DVD "X" speed multiplier factor, in real conditions, and therefore you can use it for simpler comparison. You can also scan hard drives, SSD drives, USB sticks, CD's or even floppies, basically any kind of storage device. You get real condition performance information accordingly with drive performance and file structure used. Notes: Make sure you clean the CD or DVD before doing tests, to remove dirt and ensure tests are accurate. Also make sure there are no other programs using the disk when you are doing benchmarking; you may want to temporarily close all programs that read or write to that device.
By design, please note that this application does not use direct disk access and sector reading. Instead, it uses regular disk access functions provided by the operating system, just like any usual application will do. We did this to get as close as possible to the real usage conditions. This allows the user to check the actual max speed of the drive in real conditions and not in special type of access. Your drive might be capable of higher speeds in theory, but what you get through our program is how fast it actually runs. Like 'show me how fast this disk runs on my drive, using the computer configuration i have right now'.

Performing a benchmark on a hard disk or SSD device is also useful, and you can then make a comparison with your CD or DVD drive. SD or USB stick scan allow the user to check whether the device is still fully readable and there are no device defects.

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