FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this website?
A: This website is a place that holds a bunch of programs that we built, mainly software utilities. All these programs are freely available for download, directly from here. Some are freeware, others are paid products. In time we may add more stuff here, that may be useful to our visitors.

Q:Who created these programs?
A:We did - we are a handful of coders that wrote these programs. We found this useful.

Q:What platforms do they work on?
Our programs work on various versions of Windows, starting from Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Q:How much do these programs cost?
A: Some products are free, these cost nothing. You can freely download from here. Most of our programs require an initial activation, but this is also free of charge (details will be provided below). Also, remember that you can always download the most recent versions of our software directly from here.

Q:Do these programs expire in time?
A, No, they do not expire in time, and this is valid for both free and paid products. You also can always upgrade to the same product if the build changes. For paid products, if you have version 1.2.1 and version 1.2.33 has been released, you can also upgrade to that version for free. Major version changes require a new license but an upgrade plan might also be available. Check product page dor details

Q:Can I pass a copy of your programs to a friend?
A:Sure you can, but make sure you pass them in the original zip format as you downloaded it from our website. Even better, simply give them our website address, http://www.e-systems.ro/ so they can download what they want by themselves, and check other tools that they may feel to be of their liking.

Q:Can I use your programs in a commercial environment? Can I use them at work?
A:Freeware: Yes, you can. In fact we encourage using our freewares in business environments. We like to help people with their work, and be productive, and improve their life standards. Other freeware writers have helped us as well and we are using their software, so we try to do something in return as well, up to our capabilities. Paid versions require that you purchase a license first.

Q:On how many computers can I install your freeware programs?
A:Freeware: Install them on as many as you like. Also keep a copy of your activation key(s) written down somewhere, just in case you may need them for the future. For paid products, the license is for one computer/one instance of the program.

Q:Do these programs contain adware or spyware?
A:ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our programs do not contain, and will never contain adware or spyware. Even so, remember to always use antivirus and anti-spyware tools to check any new programs you install. We encourage our users to use such protective software at all times.

Q:How does the activation work?
A:Whenever one of our programs (the ones that do require activation) are launched for the first time, a small activation window will pop up. To activate a program, you need to enter an activation code.

All activation codes can be reached from any product page on our website,just follow the red link in the product page. For paid products, enter the license code that comes with your purchase.

Once you reached the activation page, the code will be shown directly on the page. Its that simple. We do not even ask for your email address anymore, we simplified the procedure to make our users happy.

Important notice: When entering the code, make sure you do not insert additional spaces at the beginning or the end of the code, as this may cause the activation to fail. Make sure you are using the right code for the right program. Most cases when a program `refuses` to activate is due to mismatched code, which was intended for a different program instead.

Q:Where is the activation code stored?
A:Activation code is stored in a small .dat file, located directly in your program`s install folder, right next to the main exe file of the program. Nothing secret about it.

Q:How do I install your programs?
A:Our programs often come in two flavors - with or without installer. Most have an installer.

The ones with installer, will show an installation wizard when launched for the first time. Use the wizard to complete the installation.

The ones that do not have an installer, are pretty much self-containing and will simply work when clicked on the main executable (.exe file). Try to remember where you have placed them for the future.

Q:Do I need to install additional runtimes?
A:In most cases, VB6 runtimes are required as a prerequisite to run our programs. However, most users may not need to install these runtimes; Windows XP and above, usually come with VB6 runtimes included.

Q:How do I uninstall a program?
A:There are two answers, depending on the type of product that you are using:

1.If you have downloaded one of our programs that features an installer (most do), first of all close the program, then go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Select the program from the list and then click on Remove to uninstall it.

If you are unsure if the program has an installer, go there anyway (Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs) and check the list to see if the program can be found and uninstall it from there, if you can find it.

2.Some programs self contained, and do not require or feature an installer/uninstaller. For such programs, un-installation is quite simple but some users may not figure out this, so here we explain it. Basically all you need in this case is to remove the autorun setting and delete the files belonging to the program. Here is how to do it:

- first of all, locate the folder where you have unzipped the files belonging to our program.
- start the program once for the last time, then un-check the `Autorun at Startup` checkbox option, if available.
- close the program.
- simply delete the files belonging to our program.
(Note: If you have a lot of files messed in the same folder, and no longer know which of them belong to our program, deleting the main executable (.exe) file would be enough for now, which you can identify by name that will be very similar to program`s name. Any remaining files will usually be very small in size and will likely not count that much towards your free disk space. Alternatively, you can re-download the program from our website, and open the zipfile to see what files were in there.)

Q:I sent you guys an email and got no response.
A:We are sorry for this, but we do have extremely limited time available at our disposal. We support our paid users, but might be unable to respond to some emails regarding our freeware products, although we do our best. We are getting a high rate of hundreds of downloads per day - and we also receive a lot of emails, while time is limited. But we do our best to reply to as many emails as possible.

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