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Accordingly with current laws, any site that uses cookies has the duty to inform visitors about browser cookies and their specific usage on this site.

Cookies can be from harmless, to "bad". An example of "bad" cookies are the ones of third-party type (3rd party), used by some ad networks to track users in the purpose of delivering agressive advertising, when the user visits other sites.

Our site uses a limited number of cookies, that we consider as being harmless. However, for full information, each cookie and their usage is described below:

Cookie Created by Type Usage
sc_is_visitor_unique StatCounter 3rd party - Traffic stats
cart_id This site Internal (1st party) - Shopping cart
- Order processing
- Traffic stats
_ga, _gat, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmv, _utmz Google Analytics 1st party - Traffic Stats
cookie_info This site Internal (1st party) - Storing state of the cookie info bar

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Good to know:

- Cookies are widely used today, by virtually all modern sites
- You may disable cookie use in your browser (privacy settings). However, disabling cookie use can cause severe downgrade of site functionality. Our site will not work normally if cookies are disabled, and you will experience several site errors.

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